24.RECONSTRUCTION (13 mins, 2022) presents the experiences of five Ukrainian female artists as they adjust to living in Germany after the full-scale Russian invasion of Ukraine. Through poetic and lyrical visual language, the film examines the derealisation and disassociation experienced by displaced people.

Words from the artist

The Hooligan team traveled from Ponderosa, Stolzenhagen to WUK Theater, Halle.  I, and all our team, faced the essence of derealisation and the surreal falling out of reality. 

In this short film I try to describe this exercise of those who find themselves in territory free from hostilities - refugees or those who in any way came into contact with the War.

This feeling for me connected with the experience of moving through teleport, but after you are deconstructed, you aren’t reconstructed. You are stuck in metaphysical space and still are not going to some new form or place. And there is no choice, you only accept this.

The actresses in the short film are: Daria Veshtak (Kharkiv), Sofia Yevmina (Kyiv), Matilda Marina (Kyiv), Mirra Zhuchkova (Kyiv), Yulia Linnik (Kharkiv).

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