HOOLIGAN: IN THE FIELD (20 mins, 2020) follows three artists as they adapt to the Covid-19 pandemic. Filmed in 2020, the piece is a triptych of personal responses to the freedoms and restrictions encountered during lockdown.

Words from the artist

For me, the key to making this film was that it was made during a pandemic. When the situation began to spin out of control, and countries began to close their borders, my team and I were in London. We arrived home a couple of hours before Ukraine closed its borders. There was a total lockdown, the theatres had closed, we were out of work. Our whole team was scattered to different parts of Ukraine and the world.

We worked on the film through space and distance. Each of the actors filmed a different part of the film in the location they were in. It was amazing to be so far away from each other but at the same time so close, continuing to create together no matter what.   It’s very strange to realize that time goes on, but the creative questions remain the same, and by going back to them again and again I discover new sides of myself as an artist since the beginning of the War.

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